Your never rust, always reliable, American made flume pumps for fruit farmers.

Specifically designed for apples and similar shaped produce.

1. Motors For Your Duty

We offer a large variety of motors, from standard duty to washdown duty to stainless steel.

2. Gentle Ride

Features vibration-free operation at Zero head.

3. More Power

Motor sizes include 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, and 25HP

4. Non-Leaking

Pump seals are abrasion resistant and high-heat tolerant.

A. Suction

Close-coupled, end suction.

B. High Flow at Zero Head

Provides high water flow at Zero head.

C. Highly Configurable Discharge Angle

Configure the discharge 360° to fit your specifications.

D. Multi-Position Drain Plug

Four position-welded and tapped stainless steel drain plugs.

E. Solids Handling Head

Performance: 700-800 GPM at 0-2 FT with 3" solids handling capabilities.

Size: 5 x 4
Speed: 1760 rpm
Dia: 6.875in
Curve: 5-4040-17AP
Type: D (AP80)

Our pumps deliver high volume water flow at low pressure, even working at zero head.

Also available:
7HP - 7000D 9HP - 9000D

Alternate suction size 5” or 6” impeller range 6.5” to 11.5” Dia

Our Picatti Pump Promise

- Our pumps are readily available, reliable, and durable.

- Our pumps continue to work and do not break when clogged with debris.

- Our pumps will push high volumes of water at low pressure to protect the quality of your product.

- Our team always has a scheduled service team of professionals on call ready to service you 24/7/365.